the Toddlers care program at Kiddy British Nursery

1 year – 2 years

At this age range will enjoy playing with an adult and they enjoy being movable, time will also be spend exploring and playing alone, provided that their adults is within sights. There are many ways in which early years settings to meet the right of children to play. Firstly, children are given opportunities to choose how they want to play and what they want to play with as part of their daily routine. From 18 months onwards children started to make different sounds or talking as their play. So we provide wide range of activities for promoting their skills, such as puppet shows used by adults, physical play, imaginative play, sensory play and heuristic play. We encourage toddlers to motivate skills such as using a spoon and drinking from a cup (and understand that it will be messy for a while), as well as walk and explore, but stay close so they feel safe

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Individualized care

Our preschool program includes:

Toddlers program

Preschool is a big year. We’ve designed our program to give you complete confidence in every aspect of your child’s experience; from health and safety; to ready-for-school curriculum; to the full support of experienced teachers. Just as important, our program is based on what research says best prepares children for kindergarten…and all the big steps ahead.

Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all state, local, and national guidelines

Signature practices

Our World at Kiddy British curriculum includes preschool Signature Practices that offer hands-on approaches to encourage the skills your child will need in kindergarten and beyond: